Thursday, December 2, 2010


Okay, so it's been awhile. Currently, I am at the part where the lasers finally come into play. Between this class and the last one I've focused mostly on making the corrections given to me during class and completing scenes 14 and 15 (intro to lasers, oh yeah). Despite the amount of work left on this project, I feel that it is definitely doable and will just require me to work my butt off this weekend, moreso than any weekend previously. It will be harrowing, but ultimately I will get it done some how.

I've been thinking alot about my dvd menu, and I've decided to incorporate some of my character designs from my final into the menu art. I mean, basically nice, free graphics I made with a soothing color palette. Y/y?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

In Progress Part Deux

So, here I am at the second checkpoint. I've continued to set the assets I don't immediately need aside and begin working on my characters' walkcycles and opening scene. I had also hoped to get the second scene completed, but alas I didn't finish the father's front-facing walk, and seeing as that scene is all about the front-facing walk, it remains setup but incomplete. I am hoping to get a little bit of work time in during class and get that straightened out. Also, I have questions about looping the puppet tool, as when I went in to add the expression, there was already quite a bit of information there. So, hoping to get that sorted out. According to my schedule, I remain around the target.

Also, I realized after last class that our schedules are pretty much required to be on the web in some way, or it won't get looked at even though it was supposed to. So, I've added some screencaps from iCal so that will be mended.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Working for the Final

So I realized that I definitely did not come close to finishing my assets for today. However, I kind of expected this to happen, so I planned accordingly. So far on my schedule I plan to have my assets finished by the end of the weekend as I work on my first few scenes. I think at this point it would be more beneficial to at least start and get my walk cycles parred down while completing my numerous assets. Whatever fog was in my head, I need it cleared. And I thinking that working this way is what's going to work.

Keep on keeping on, fellow students.

As for my calendar, I have it written in my sketchbook as well as planned out in iCal, so just ask me if you want to see it.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pitch for Final Project

So for my final project, I decided to go the narrative route. In the end, thinking narratively is most organic and natural to me, so I decided to play my strengths. I also decided to work with some of the themes I used in other pieces so far, particularly the idea of a young girl going on a adventure where she helps magical creatures.

Concept: A young girl is taken to a zoo where there are only magical creatures being exhibited.

Story: A girl and her father go to the new zoo that has just opened in the local park. But this is no ordinary zoo, for all of the animals on display are magical/mythical creatures. As she passes each cage she gets more and more saddened by the creatures, who appear to have their magic being drained away before her very eyes. Unfortunately, her father is an adult who has lost all his sense of wonder and cannot see the animals as his daughter does. When the reach the end of the cages they come up to a large aquarium that also contains magical aquatic creatures. The father tries to get his daughter to calm down and have an ice cream cone, but she cannot even enjoy it. Suddenly, her eyes trace a baseball bat lying abandoned on the ground and then back to the aquarium. The next shot is the front gates of the zoo that we saw at the beginning. There is a rumble, and then the gates are forced open by a tidal wave of water. Riding on top of the wave are all of the now freed magical animals and the little girl sharing her ice cream with a unicorn. Her father trails behind.

Aesthetic: After looking at many videos which feature extensive color palettes, I realized that shots with very limited to no animation where kept fresh and interesting by having intense, engaging color palettes complimented by lighting effects that are slowly shifting, making them dynamic. I realized that this was definitely the route I wanted to take with this animation, which I have cited below.

The Big Winner from Rubber House on Vimeo.

With this animation, the colors are what keeps the beginning interesting, as there isn't very much animation going on. I also like that they kept the aesthetic very minimal and dynamic.

Headless studio reel 2010 from Headless Productions on Vimeo.

The colors are what really make this, especially the excerpts from the Lost Head animation. All of the vibrancy of the hues combined with the great vectorized looks with the patterns is spot on. Makes me want to animate!

The Subway Time from Dongzhen.Li on Vimeo.

Again, the lighting in this piece is what keeps it interesting, as well as the subtle background movements. This limited animation style also works because even though it is sparse in some areas, the stills act enough like pure candy to keep you distracted. This is a good thing when there is the lone animator doing all the work. More of this, please.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Possible Concepts for Final

1. Continuing with the theme of child-rescues-magic-animals, the story would be about a little boy and his father going to the zoo. But this isn't any ordinary zoo, for all of the animals in the exhibit are magical/mythical creatures. The boy passes by many cages containing unicorns, dragons, griffins, fairies, etc. Each cage he passes makes the boy sadder for the animals. Finally he and his father stop in front of a large tank fill of magical aquatic creatures. The boy then eyes a baseball bat lying on the ground nearby. Then there would be a cut to the front gates of the zoo, still. Then suddenly, water would come rushing out through the front gates, pushing them open, with all of the magical creatures riding the wave out, the boy with them.

Aesthetically, I am thinking about a style very similar to my 3rd video (with the girl and the balloon), so vibrant colors with paint texture overlays.

2. I am also considering revisiting my midterm project and continuing with that as I didn't finish it earlier. However, I also completely understand that I may just need to start with something new.

3. I've also thought about going back to my type piece with the mermaid and maybe continue her story, perhaps with her trying to seduce a sailor and then stabbing him up with her hook hand. I really enjoyed the type project and working with those shapes and limitations, so I am definitely considering that as well.