Thursday, November 18, 2010

In Progress Part Deux

So, here I am at the second checkpoint. I've continued to set the assets I don't immediately need aside and begin working on my characters' walkcycles and opening scene. I had also hoped to get the second scene completed, but alas I didn't finish the father's front-facing walk, and seeing as that scene is all about the front-facing walk, it remains setup but incomplete. I am hoping to get a little bit of work time in during class and get that straightened out. Also, I have questions about looping the puppet tool, as when I went in to add the expression, there was already quite a bit of information there. So, hoping to get that sorted out. According to my schedule, I remain around the target.

Also, I realized after last class that our schedules are pretty much required to be on the web in some way, or it won't get looked at even though it was supposed to. So, I've added some screencaps from iCal so that will be mended.

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