Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Possible Concepts for Final

1. Continuing with the theme of child-rescues-magic-animals, the story would be about a little boy and his father going to the zoo. But this isn't any ordinary zoo, for all of the animals in the exhibit are magical/mythical creatures. The boy passes by many cages containing unicorns, dragons, griffins, fairies, etc. Each cage he passes makes the boy sadder for the animals. Finally he and his father stop in front of a large tank fill of magical aquatic creatures. The boy then eyes a baseball bat lying on the ground nearby. Then there would be a cut to the front gates of the zoo, still. Then suddenly, water would come rushing out through the front gates, pushing them open, with all of the magical creatures riding the wave out, the boy with them.

Aesthetically, I am thinking about a style very similar to my 3rd video (with the girl and the balloon), so vibrant colors with paint texture overlays.

2. I am also considering revisiting my midterm project and continuing with that as I didn't finish it earlier. However, I also completely understand that I may just need to start with something new.

3. I've also thought about going back to my type piece with the mermaid and maybe continue her story, perhaps with her trying to seduce a sailor and then stabbing him up with her hook hand. I really enjoyed the type project and working with those shapes and limitations, so I am definitely considering that as well.

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